I am a fiber artist living in Portland, Oregon. I received my Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University. After working for years as a graphic artist and art teacher, and a second career in home renovation design, I am now delighted to be able to focus on my first love of fiber arts.

I have always had a draw to cloth, threads and yarn. So stimulating. How they feel in your hands. What one could do with them. As a young girl, my idea of playing with my Barbie was to make her a new outfit. I had access to all the sewing toys and was allowed to play with scissors.

Now my work is just as fun, but has matured to be about color, texture, depth and message expressed through fabrics and stitch.

I am known for revealing beauty found in unlikely places through my art. In many of my pieces you will find lurking within the layers of sheers, stitch and detail a little twist of irony. A joke about what perspective has to do with beauty and reality.

A portion of my work is memoir type. Inspired by personal outdoor experiences, I aspire to bringing you there using dense stitch and sheers combined with digitally altered photo images.

A steady stream of items such as hand bags and keepsake baby bonnets are produced in my studio. These are made of my designs from such materials as vintage kimono to those I create employing dyes, stamping and embellishments. Please visit my store for a look see.